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Plywood Report Photo Bonus Edition: Epoque, Delicatessen, Goodburger, Park Slope Cupcake Wars!!

And now, the Plywood Report, today presented exclusively with glorious full-column photos. Seen some good wood in your neighborhood? Tips are appreciated.


1) Hell's Kitchen: What we see above is the interior of Epoque, a new bar off of Ninth Avenue. Opines photobloger WhatISee, who snapped the image, "I'm starting to understand what people on the LES used to talk about." [POST-PLYWOOD]


2) Soho/Nolita: Fans of the famed Buffa's on the southeast corner of Lafayette and Spring have been waiting a year now for it to reopen (as Delicatessen). An Eater operative peeked in through an open door this week and snagged the above photo of the interior. Let's just say we're still, uh, a ways out here. [PLYWOOD]


3) Eater's roving photographer Will Femia snapped this pic of a Goodburger coming to the Union Square area. That, sir, is plywood. [PLYWOOD]


4) Park Slope: Emails a tipster, "I'm not sure if bakeries are of interest to Eater, but one is going up to the already saturated bakery market in Park Slope/Prospect Heights, on Flatbush Avenue. Let the cupcake wars resume!" [PLYWOOD]