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Shutterwood Special: BBQ on University Abruptly Shutters, Readies for Relocation

By the dozen the emails arrived late yesterday with word that longtime University Place barbecue joint BBQ suddenly and, we dare say, aggressively shut its doors last night. An example of one such note read, "Venerable cheap BBQ at 21 University (and Eight Street) in the Village closed this week with no notice after 25 years. It wasn't the greatest but it was cheap and always mobbed with NYU students and tourists from around the city visiting greenwich Village." Another described the scene as, "they were tearing the place apart." And so it's pretty safe to assume that this location is done. The BBQ from with Dallas BBQ was born, though the original never took on the 'Dallas' qualifier, is done.

But there is hope. Word is that the place is not permanently closed: it is relocating to a new storefront on 8th Street. You'll know more when we do.

UPDATE: Frozen drinks and onion loafs really have the people smitten. Already, more intel. "It's moving further west on 8th street (between 5th and 6th), still on the north side of the street. i live on 8th and the owners of the new 8th street wineceller told us a few weeks ago that dallas bbq's rent went up and they couldn't afford the space anymore and had to move."

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