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Eater Fall Reset: Eater Needs You

As the fall season gets underway, we're plotting a bunch of new features here at Eater. But we're also fond of several reoccurring features, and we need your help to continue with them. Here's an overview of how you can contribute to Eater, and help make the site a better read for everyone. In all cases, emails should be sent to

Plywood Reports/The Shutter: Sightings of restaurants not yet opened, or restaurants that have closed permanently or temporarily, are always encouraged. If you're able to snap a digital picture of the place, no matter how crappy your cellphone camera, we'll be grateful. [Plywood archive/Shutter archive]

Adventures in Shilling: In this feature, we seek to identify online reviews that perhaps, just maybe, were not the work of parties unaffiliated with the venues being reviewed. Shills spotted on any website—Citysearch, Yelp, even the Eater comments section—are fair game for reporting. Email us the offending link. [archive]

Eater Complaints Dept.: Has something in the wild world of NYC dining upset you, confused you, or pissed you off? The more unique and specific your complaint, the more likely we are to publish it. [archive]

The Buyback Project: The goal here is to rate how often a particular bar buys you back a round of drinks. (Example: "Clandestino on the LES has a buyback policy of buy 2 get 3rd on the house.") If you've recently been bought back—or, perhaps more crucially, haven't—let us know. [archive]

Eater Photo Pool: In the middle column of this here site, you'll see an array of restaurant and food-related photos submitted by readers. To get in on the fun, sign up for Yahoo's free Flickr photo-sharing service, and assign relevant photos to the Eater Photo Pool. From time to time, we'll run selections on the site, with byline credit and linklove given back to your original shot. [Eater Photo Pool]

Anything else you'd like to tell us? We're all ears. All emails to are read, savored, and, often, published. Unless you specifically ask for credit, don't worry, we'll keep you anonymous. Our humble thanks in advance.