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Coffee Shop Trendwatch: Dot-Com Fever's Back, Baby

If you are the sort of person who enjoys toting your laptop to a coffee shop and working there for a few hours, or perhaps even the better part of the day, perhaps you've always been pissed off that the experience only runs you the cost of a coffee and pastry? If so, listen up. On St. Mark's Place in the East Village, Cafe Fuego (better known as "you know, the place underneath Sing-Sing Karaoke") will let you pay more—lots more!—for the privilege.

Actually, it's not Cafe Fuego that wants you to pay, but rather a group called cooperBricolage. The concept, from its about page: "cooperBricolage is where you can use 'free' wifi and get a coffee and/or sandwich for a small entry fee. People in the cafe workspace are working to build businesses, artistic collaboration or simply programming for a new startup. We are trying to minimize the normal cafe traffic that comes from being in Starbucks or some other Internet cafes." The cost for this nearly-'free' service? $15/day, or $200/month. But, oh, the networking! The grand opening was yesterday; looks—uh, yeah!

Those in the neighborhood seeking coffee and/or WiFi, might we direct you to the Mud Truck? Or perhaps one of the two well-outfitted Starbucks on Astor Place? Good, thanks.
· Photos from Our Grand Opening [ via Silicon Alley Insider]

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