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FW: The Curious Case of the Brooklyn Inn

From: [an eater]
Date: Tuesday, September 4, 2007
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: The Curious Case of the Brooklyn Inn

I'm a regular in the Brooklyn Inn, and was very interested to read what Jason Furlani, the new manager, wrote here back in May, 2007. Specifically that the new owners "have NO PLANS to turn it into anything other than what it is... the Broooklyn Inn." and "The NEW owners ... LOVE the Brooklyn Inn."

Though it remains the same Brooklyn Inn, some of the changes have been curious and, I think, display a lack of care for the place.

Firstly, beer nuts now appear throughout the bar giving it a frat-boy alehouse vibe. Nobody, afaik, wants them there. Secondly, a broken or removed stained glass panel at the end of the bar has been replaced by a white board. Thirdly and most damningly, they've installed a huge A/C vent on the inside wall the full length of the front room. Its ugly and completely not in keeping with the room. There was never A/C problems in that room, so this seems completely like overkill, or worse.

As I said, earlier, they're minor changes but for people who proclaim to "LOVE" the Brooklyn Inn, collectively the changes are diluting what is/was the perfect watering hole, and do not inspire confidence for the future.