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Plywood On the Brink: Little Ruby's Set to Replace Jefferson

West Village: Plywood vet and Nick Mathers' new restaurant on West 10th Street, Little Ruby's, seems on the brink, if this shot in today from a Christopher Street agent is any indication. A report from this weekend -- "Something has just opened where jefferson grill used to be (near café asean). There are chandeliers and pretty walls and hipsters. It was late. I was drunk. That's all I remember." -- suggests that a soft-open is underway, so you may want to mosey on by if you're in the neighborhood. Though not an enormous opening in and of itself, Little Ruby's is of particular note because it replaces Jefferson (that is correct), one of the most tragically flawed and disastrous concepts to grace West 10th Street in some time. Whether anything short of an exorcism can lift the curses from 121 West 10th Street remains to be seen, but an inviting, slightly bistro-slanting interior and flower boxes on the outside are certainly steps in the right direction. [POST-PLYWOOD]

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