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Blue Hill Not DOH'd, Reopening Tomorrow

Our people have returned from the scene at Blue Hill, which was unexpectedly closed earlier today for repairs. Evidence of said repairs were apparent (or: DOH'ing was ruled out): the doors were propped open and the inside of the restaurant was covered in plastic, filled with boxes, and painters were at work on the walls. No signs of DOH were evident, and the painters seem to validate a possible operational 'crisis' of some kind. What's more, Franco Serafin, Blue Hill's GM, confirms as much. A flood about a month ago left the restaurant with severely buckled floor boards, which needed to dehumidify over the two-day closure. The restaurant is also taking a moment to repaint the dining room and make some electrical fixes to the kitchen. It will reopen tomorrow.
· EaterWire Developing Story: Blue Hill Closed for 'Emergency Repairs' [~E~]

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