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EaterWire: More Signs of a DTUT Resurrection, Last Call at Double Happiness, & more

UPPER EAST SIDE—Let's begin with further developments in the curious case of DTUT, which now seems quite likely to reopen. There is a new liquor license application in the works: "According to (Community Board 8 Manhattan) who routinely holds public meetings for various reasons (application for sidewalk cafes, liquor licenses and wine licenses), it is stated that: b. DT UT Enterprises Inc., 1626 Second Avenue (84th/85th Sts.)—Application for the renewal of a restaurant wine license." Here's more, which might explain what's the what: "I'm not sure if it's still there, but there was also a sign on the DTUT door that said something to the effect of "these premises seized by the marshalls service." A little weird and leads one to believe there was either some non-payment going on to the landlord, or some violation of the liquor license." [EaterWire Inbox]

CHINATOWN—Saturday night will be the last for Double Happiness and Palais Royale, which are closing. From a DH staffer: "I work here and I keep hearing different things...maybe its my subconscious making the good stuff go forever. Yes. Both are done. Bring a wrench, screwdriver, and suppressed anger. Gonna be a good one." The one and only Steve Kamali had been hocking the space and tells us Emma Clearly (background) is slated to close on it next week. [EaterWire Inbox]

DAVE CHANG LAND—Our boy Dave Chang was on the Today Show this AM, because daddy has to sell pork buns. How'd he do? From reports: "You have to get Chang to write about his tv appearance this morning. I caught the last 20 seconds and saw him awkwardly standing behind a counter with all the anchors and Tiki Barber while they made small talk and signed off for the week. Pretty spectacular." Yes, but can Tiki make a bo ssam? No, he cannot. [EaterWire Inbox]

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