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The Eater Index, 9/28/07

This is the Eater Index, Eater's meta-ratings system for new restaurants. The number value of the Eater Index for any restaurant equals the average score it has received from up to 10 of the cities best critics, including one blogger and an additional wild card review, should it be needed. Scores are divided into three categories: green, for restaurants scoring 61 and above; yellow, for venues scoring between 40 and 60; and red, for those venues whose average score is 39 or less. Index scores in gray indicate that less than three reviews on the venue have been filed.

Soto 74 -- -- 85 93 76 84 82 -- 99


Centro Vinoteca -- -- -- 82 -- -- -- 58 -- 69


Tailor -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 55 61


Setagaya -- -- -- -- -- 50 67 -- -- 48


Rayuela 35 -- 23 64 -- 49 -- 38 -- 55


Wakiya -- 60 12 23 -- -- 65 -- -- 33


Gemma 32 -- 30 30 -- -- 17 -- -- 65


Pamplona -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 56 -- 12


Monkey Bar 26 -- -- -- 2 -- 34 -- -- --


FB = Frank Bruni [NYT], SC = Steve Cuozzo [NYP], AP = Adam Platt [NYM], RG = Danyelle Freeman [NYDN], AR = Alan Richman [Bloomberg], PA = Paul Adams [NYS], RL = Randall Lane [TONY], MH = Moira Hodgson [NYO], NJ = Marc Shepherd [NY Journal], WC = Wild Card, EI = Eater Index

Color: With the Bruni having filed on Gemma, the venue slips into the red with a soul-crushing 35. That's going to leave a mark, but perhaps not as big a mark as has been left on Pamplona, Alex Urena's new restaurant, which makes its Index debut with a 34 rating. On to brighter matters, Soto, impressively, is holding steady at 85; and despite it's taking a hit from the Hodgson, Centro Vinoteca remains safely in the green with a 70. In fact, Centro's early performance has set it up nicely to take whatever the Bruni and Platt send its way. A deuce from both, for example, won't knock it to a sub-60 level.

Additional Comments: Based on our debut edition of the index, readers and commenters offered good feedback. We're listening. Here's how we've evolved the Eater Index based on the feedback:

1) We welcome the Observer's Moira Hodgson to the party. You asked for her inclusion and we agree that she should occupy a regular slot on the grid. As to the question of the role and influence of message boards, they're eligible to pop up in the Wild Card space. Note the Chowhounder holding pride of place today for the new-to-the-Index-today Pamplona.

2) Restaurants with fewer than three individual ratings will now have an index number appear in gray, to reflect a certain degree of uncertainty of an early Index score.

3) On the question of average versus weighted average, we're going to stick with average. Here's why: the Eater Index is not a measure of influence. If Bruni is your guy, refer to the grid and click on over to his review. While his voice may be louder than, say, Moira Hodgson's, the Index is designed to recognize equally the presence and sensibilities of multiple professional voices. Metacritic does use a weighted average, yes, but we feel the straight average is most prudent for the Eater Index.

Thanks for all the feedback. Please keep it coming.
· The Eater Index, 9/25/07 [~E~]

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