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Mercat Shakeup Confirmed: Owner Jaime Reixach Speaks

Yesterday morning's Wire brought to light news that a possible falling out had occurred between Mercat management and Chef Dave Seigal. Now, with a letter this afternoon from owner Jaime Reixach, this rumor has been confirmed, but raises questions of a more interesting power struggle within. Previously we had referred to him as the "top talent" at Mercat, an error by Mr. Reixach's approximation, and one he was none too thrilled about.

Dear Eater,
In response to comments posted on your site I would like to officially communicate on behalf of Mercat that David Seigal was asked to leave on September 2nd, 2007 for cause per his contract.

We feel that the categorization of 'top talent' (posted on your site) is not only disrespectful to the rest of the kitchen staff at Mercat, but also unjust considering his contribution to the operation. Since this comment has been made with the sole purpose of promoting the false impression of fact that David Seigal was the "top chef" at Mercat, and also creates the false impression of fact that Mercat is now devoid of competent personnel we felt that a response was necessary.

Chef Ryan Lowder who has been overseeing kitchen responsibilities since our opening date will remain at his post.

Sorry for contacting you regarding such unpleasant affairs but we feel people should have a fair perspective on such a delicate issue. Thank you.

Jaime Reixach Arias

Hey, we're all about fair perspective here too. And in all fairness, we hope to hear from Dave Seigal, from whom we have sought comment, with his side of the story sooner than later. More on this story to come.
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