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Plywood Report: Hudson View, Park Bistro, Mizu Mystery!

And now, your Friday afternoon Plywood. Your sightings to


1) Washington Heights: Let's start way up at the top of Manhattan, as a tipster sends the above photo and this intel: "Snapped this at the corner of 181st and Ft Washington Ave. It's the old Hilltop Restaurant space. Hilltop was shuttered a few months ago after getting a DOH score somewhere in the low 160s (at the time, one of the two or three worst in all of NYC). In fact, you can still see remnants of the DOH tag in the window. No other indications of what it will be/when it will open. But with The Archway and Billy's Original BBQ having shuttered in the last year, we'll take any new restaurant we can up here." [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper West Side: A mystery! Per a tipster, "Anyone know what is going in on the west side of Broadway between 92 & 93? Looks to be a restaurant and is only 1/2 plywooded." [PLYWOOD]

3) Gramurray: "On Park Ave. So., the progress on the transplanted Park Bistro (now on Park Ave. So. between 26th and 27th) is moving slowly. They finally removed the 'coming in July' portion of their sign. I got a glimpse in and the space is long and narrow with very high ceilings and perhaps a lofted private dining area. The drywall looks to be done, but that is about it." [PLYWOOD]

4) Williamsburg: And finally, a strange situation on the other side of the East River: "Was walking down Bedford Ave this morning and noticed that the excellent sushi shop Mizu (which has an branch in the Flatiron district 20thbtw broadway and park ave south, I think) is opening up btw n6 and n7th? finally some real sushi in Williamsburg?and more asian for asian row!" A call to the Flatiron Mizu, however, reveals that the mothership knows nothing about this Mizu upstart. Developing... [PLYWOOD]