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Introducing Eater SF

Some say we should have done it years ago, others could stand for us to wait another decade, but no matter: Today we launch Eater SF, our third Eater site, and the first of 'em to cover the great restaurant expanse that is San Francisco. With Eater SF comes coverage of the Bay Area and the chefs and restaurants that call it home—Alice Waters, Gary Danko, Chris Cosentino, Alice Waters, the Slanted Door, Zuni, A16, Alice Waters and more. They've got this crazy green thing happening out there and, oh hell yes, we're going to get to the bottom of it. Colicchio is now empire-camping in SF, so one imagines we might hit on that as well.

Your ring leader to the west, the man who has the wheel, is Paolo Lucchesi (contact info: He is already all up in the Eater Inside and Plywood, and he's got a little thing called Yelp Wanted. Brace, tell your friends. Someone please ping the Chodoblog.
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Bonus: Curbed SF, live since 2006, is reborn today with a new editor and one hell of a new energy. Call it a second coming, if you will. Go take a look.