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EaterWire: A Non-Steakhouse Opens on the UES, Freddy's Shutter P.S.

T-Bar, Courtesy of Bottomless Dish.

UPPER EAST SIDE—Replacing the Lennox Room at 1278 Third Avenue is T-Bar (above). Get this: it's a steakhouse. So we're listing it here, it's completely incongruous design and all, because it was either Wire or the Deathwatch, and the Deathwatch Committee went home hours ago. No steakhouse in its right mind looks like this, so we'll see how it goes. More from Bottomless Dish: "Four cuts of beef are available, including a 26-oz. T-bone, and (purists turn away now) sauces like miso mustard and mint chutney. While there's no spinach on the list of sides, potato cake with bacon and Gruyere and roasted mushroom don't sound too shabby. Prices aren't cheap, with steaks starting at $39, but there is a 25 percent discount being offered this week." [Bottomless Dish]

WEST VILLAGE—Just a quick post script to our item of earlier today, about the closing of Freddy's, from our unofficial head of research: "I noticed your tipster said Freddy's closed on Sunday. Freddy Ristorante at 38 Eighth Ave. & Jane St. closed in July and has the windows papered up continuously since then (phone disconnected too). I don't know why folks send you misinformation like this—sure it was closed on Sunday, but it had been closed for 3 months -so they just noticed it Sunday??" Please adjust your databases. [EaterWire Inbox]