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EaterWire: Tavern on the Green Hit with Labor Suit, Problems at Wallse, Samba Le?

UPPER WEST SIDETavern on the Green has been slapped with a labor discrimination suit by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Crain's: "The complaint, filed in federal district court, accuses management of the legendary Central Park eatery of engaging in “severe and pervasive sexual, racial and national origin harassment,” and for retaliation against those employees who spoke out against such treatment. Those employees who objected to the treatment were denied additional work and their pay was docked, according to the complaint." [Crain's NY]

WEST VILLAGE/TRIBECAKurt Gutenbrunner is a fine chef and his two restaurants are perennial favorites, so file the under unfortunate trouble brewing: I am a regular bar customer at BG and I have heard some interesting things. The chefs at Wallse and Blaue Gans have both quit with no replacements in sight. All management and managing chefs have quit at BG and they have no managers to replace the ones that left. Heard Kurt fired a bartender Friday night and I don't believe they have a replacement." [EaterWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE—It's a bit below Deathwatch grade, but here is a bit of shutter-in-the-making: "We went to Samba Le 2-3 weeks ago and it was completely empty. After sitting there for 5 minutes with no menus or water we got up and went to supper. It was much better. I happened to notice it seemed busy yesterday night, however when we detoured past it, there was 4 people in the front drinking and absolutely no one eating." [EaterWire Inbox]