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EaterWire: Ex-Neroni Venue Carniceria Shuttered?

CARROLL GARDENS—A note comes in: "What happened to Carniceria, the Latin American steak place in the cursed location on Smith St., Brooklyn? Called Wednesday night to make a reservation for Thursday. No problem. Showed up last night, and it was a locked-up ghost town. Tables were set but no menus in the windows. No lights on. Nearby restaurant owners had no clue what happened. So what happened?" Does this venue ring a bell? It should—it's Alex Garcia and Marco Rivero's restaurant in the space that played stage to the legendary Neroni Behind Bars incident. Developing. [EaterWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE—Not so fast at BBQ Kitchen/TKettle: "Stopped by BBQ Chicken/TKettle last night and felt defrauded because only the TKettle side is currently operating...there was a DOB permit in the window on the BBQ Chicken side and all of the kitchen equipment was still covered up. They did have menus for BBQ Chicken up and an employee standing by their counter (not sure why)...but all you could get was bubble tea." [EaterWire Inbox]