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The Dish Special Fall Report: Graffiti Opens Tonight, Allen & Delancey 10/1

Fall restaurant opening dates are moving targets, to say the least. Here now, an update on the what's just around the corner:

1) Allen & Delancey: Neil Ferguson's up-yours to Gordon Ramsay is slated for October 1, per a phone call to the restaurant today. Readers as well report serious activity on the scene, which may indicate that you can sneak in for previews prior. Report #1: "It was supposed to open last night. I live right near there and found myself strolling by that intersection around 11:30, and I didn't see any activity. But then again I couldn't remember the exact address (and Google texting was not helping), so I wound up wandering around a bit looking for signs of life, and...nothing. So it either closed early or the opening didn't happen..." Report #2: "i walked by this morning and took a its really beautiful, incredibly done incredibly well." 115 Allen Street (Delancey Street), LES; (212) 253-5400. [Eater Staff/Inbox]

2) Graffiti: The tiny dessert bar will debut this evening at 5:30. Like Tailor, the sweets restaurant is two fall seasons in the making, but Jehangir Mehta himself gave us the word this morning that tonight is the night. Promised is breakfast, lunch and dinner eventually. And teas and sweets as grand as 18 seats can accommodate. 224 East 10th Street, East Village; (212) 464-7743 [Eater Staff]

3) Bobo: Carlos Suarez's West Village townhouse will open on Monday, despite reports of it having opened this week. Our intel from friends and family tastings, in progress as we speak, is that the design of the place is fantastic. Further early word is that the downstairs bar has hot spot potential. 181 West 10th Street, West Village; (212) 488-2626. [Eater Staff]

4) Rickshaw Dumpling Bar: The borderline-epically delayed 8th Street sequel to Anita Lo and Kenny Lao's original will be open by the end of the week. There are "Test Meals" being conducted this week, according to an email we received from the restaurant. Sweet talking oneself into being a tester seems possible. 50 East 8th Street, Central Village; (212) 461-1750. [Eater Staff]

5) Primehouse New York: Being that he is a frickin' machine, Steve Hanson will open his new steakhouse on Monday 10/1, on schedule. There are opening partites and previews starting tomorrow, by way of FYI. Dispatch from Park Ave South: "I live around the corner from Prime House (the new BR Guest steakhouse on the corner of 27th and Park Ave. So.) and have been watching the steady progress. In recent days they have been working around the clock and have just started bringing in food and I saw some people in chef's whites milling around yesterday which leads me to believe an opening is imminent. Although I didn't snap any pictures the decor is pretty much complete and is heavy on black, white and octagonal mirrors. It brings to mind Scarface." 381 Park Avenue South, Murray Hill; (212) 824-2600. [Eater Staff/Inbox]