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Branding Insanity: Harlem Runs on Dunkin (Cafe)

Uptown blogger Plate of the Day sends us this bit of madness, of the Dunkin Cafe & Bakery (above), which celebrated its grand opening last week. Seems the bakery was a bona fide Dunkin' Donuts franchise until about two weeks ago, when it shut down for what you might call a face lift. Now: "everything from the food and drinks down to the uniforms and seating was completely ripped off. So inside of the ‘Dunkin Cafe’ it’s the same layout and the menu is pretty much the same. I tried a donut and a bagel and it didn’t taste much different. The cups however don’t have the original Dunkin Donuts logo." Though they are busy with their new "America Runs on Dunkin'"/not-just-a-donut-shop marketing push, we do have to imagine that this Dunkin Cafe has about three more days before the cease and desist arrives from Dunkin' legal.
· Fake’n Dunkin Donuts = Dunkin Cafe & Bakery Harlem [Plate of the Day]

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