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Meet Andrew Borrok (Or: The Man Bringing 4-Star Dining to Soho)

It's time to meet Andrew Borrok, who has just sold 14 Penn Plaza for a $250 million profit and has a cryogenic freezer in his Water Mill estate; also, he's the son of real estate mogul Charles Borrok; and he wants to open a four star restaurant in Soho next year where, "the emphasis will not be on profit.”

The Times gave the gent (right, with Mischa Barton) the Styles treatment this weekend, to dig in deeper on the summer he's spent trying to get famous ahead of the opening of his restaurant. Before we go any farther down this road, let's be clear: whether or not he'll be taken as such, Borrok is quite serious about all this. Here's some relevant text:

Mr. Borrok has never worked in a restaurant in any capacity, busboy or sous-chef, although he has taken classes at the French Culinary Institute in SoHo and hired one of the school’s teachers as a private tutor. Instead of paying his dues by producing wonders night after night in the pressure cooker of a Manhattan restaurant, he is paying his publicist to raise his profile as a social player.
“I’ve led a very private life,” said Mr. Borrok, whose father, Charles, is vice chairman of Cushman & Wakefield, an international real estate brokerage. “I didn’t know how else to transition my life from the real estate stuff to what I really want to do.” His Water Mill house, in addition to being loaded with sumptuous antiques, has a cryogenic freezer where fish flown in from Tokyo and France is kept at minus-87 degrees Celsius until it is needed for one of his soirées. “We take hygiene extremely seriously here,” Mr. Borrok said.

There is also a dessert kitchen and a complete gym. “It’s important if you’re a chef to work out so you don’t gain weight,” he said...

For now, Mr. Borrok will reveal little about his restaurant other than that he is negotiating a lease for downtown space, it will be comfortable, and he hopes to open in January. Construction has not begun.

Remember this as the beginning of the Andrew Borrok story, friends. The guy has gobs of cash and we've seen first hand how serious he is about cooking. Serious. It may be a crash and burn effort, but this restaurant of his is going to see the light of day.
· A Microwave Recipe for Fame [NYT]

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