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IMterview: The New Fiamma

Kalina, 5/17/02.

The biggest opening of the fall that we can't muster the energy to care about is the re-opening of Fiamma, Steve Hanson's money-maker-disguised-as-fine-restaurant in Soho, with serious chef Fabio Trabocchi now installed in the kitchen. New York has the restaurant opening today, and the BR Guest site confirms that public previews begin tonight. Here's a report from last week's friends and family tastings, should you be curious.

eaterhq: so, the new fiamma?
iheartchefs: I don't hate the space.
iheartchefs: Do you remember AZ? Patricia Yeo's original place?
iheartchefs: that was also upstairs.
eaterhq: And how about chef Fabio Trabocchi?
iheartchefs: dinner was lovely. not the A+ it was in DC, but that's understandable. I ate in DC when he was solidly in the zone. He's just getting into NYC.
got it
iheartchefs: but some of it is home run.
iheartchefs: he'll end up one of NYC's best.
eaterhq: outlandish prediction, check.
iheartchefs: : you want more?
eaterhq: : yes, please
iheartchefs: this may seem silly, but the plates and serving pieces are stunning. very italian, in terms of what the best chefs in italy are doing right now.
eaterhq: this was a friends and family?
iheartchefs: his tuna carpaccio is a poem. stupendous. bite-sized squares of ahi tuna topped with oysters.
iheartchefs: I think so, yes, re: f&f
iheartchefs: and his carpaccio done two ways is also marvelous.
iheartchefs: I loved it, but I was with my friend Suzanne who is not a food person the way we are and she was rolling her eyes with joy.
iheartchefs: lobster ravioli was amazing. big pieces of lobster, and one overstuffed ravioli.
iheartchefs: ok i'm done for now
· Fiamma [BR Guest]

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