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Banned on Chowhound: How to Get Banned Special

Haven't seen this graphic in a while, ey? No matter, it's time for Banned on Chowhound, in which we right the wrongs suffered by you at the hand of Chowound moderators. Tried to post something only to have it BANNED? Maybe we can be of some assistance.

2005_11_bannedchnd.jpgIn almost all cases, getting banned on Chowhound is inexcusable. In a very few cases, however, we come across a Banned submission that is banned for good reason. Such as today, on the topic of Tailor. Even those fatigued by our Tailor coverage will want to read on, as this has little to nothing to do with Sam Mason's new soho eatery. Up first, The Story:

Just letting you know that Chowhound is policing Tailor reviews. I've never had problem posting reviews on Chowhound before, but after eating at Sam Mason's Tailor and writing about my largely negative experience on Chowhound I woke up the next morning to find that my post had been deleted.

Bullfrog and Baum are certainly earning their keep: everyone posting on e-Gullet certainly sounds like they've been rounded up and massaged into a state of willfull denial by B&B and I'm sure leaving such an unpleasant post about the place on Chowhound made someone over there drop an email to the board.

Sure, okay. Angry, but innocent enough. So let's see what this Chowhound poster couldn't get posted. Now, the Contraband:

In case you're interested: Tailor is all hype with very little to back it up. Ate 5 of the six savory dishes, 3 of the sweet, and had three of the cocktails. Out of everything, one sweet dish and one cocktail were terrific, everything else was either singularly unimpressive or grossly misconceived. Especially enjoyed the dessert with the large baby's turd down the center of the plate, glistening sickly beige in their Bowery Lighting chandelier glow. Also, interesting to see that the Hooters aesthetic is hard at work with female servers given the option of wearing labia-baring hotpants.
Want some more?
Pros: um, I ate at Tailor? Fuck yeah! I rock. Luv ya Sam! Cons: enormous plates with badly assembled elements scattered across them with no rhyme or reason, screwy service , weird leather scraps in the center of table that looked like cast-offs from a fitting of Raquel Welch's leather bikini in ONE MILLION YEARS BC, peekytoe crab was awesome plus it had just been served at my cousin's wedding in Newark (tasted a little bit better there), pretentious overuse of "soils", bland foams, avocado ice cream made with over-ripe avocado that tasted like moist plastic, coffee made with not-hot-enough water and served at slightly above room temperature so that it was like big cup of dirty, black water (plus - it comes in a French press pot big enough for 3-4 cups. Economical!), foie gras that was out of cooking school and was all tooth-aching sweetness with no other flavor to cut or accent the sickening candy taste. The foie gras has been getting raves and I can only assume that this means a lot of people have a palate better suited to 7-11 than a restaurant with the only things that make an impression being either sweetness or fat.Also, chuffa nut ice cream? Really? What's that? Because it has no taste (served with figs, the worst dish out of the sweet ones I tried - just figs with ice cream.)
Ladies and gentleman, meet the first Chowhounder henceforth banned on Eater.