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EaterWire: Dani Reopens & More!

SOHO—Restaurant Dani reopened today on schedule and we already have a brief report from a diner who visited the place earlier today: "I checked out Dani about 12:15 this afternoon and it indeed has reopened. It looked as if around one-third of the tables were occupied, maybe a little less, though of course it was pretty early in the lunch period. A "welcome back" sign on the door says that Dani is open for lunch on weekdays, and talks about private events and catering. It doesn't say anything about when the restaurant will resume dinner service." [EaterWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE—An informative tipster drops word that troubled restaurant Loft will close up shop at the end of the month. Why the shuttering? Apparently, the owners "went through menu and personnel changes early on and never fully recovered." [EaterWire Inbox]