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Eater Inside: Tailor

Kalina, 9/12/07.

And here we are, Inside the one and only Tailor. Sam Mason's baby, two weeks into its Soho run, is actually an upstairs dining room (above) and full-on lounge below (below). (Heavy drinkers and history buffs will note that this address was last used by Veruka, a hot and dirty lounge until the late 1990s. Nothing of Veruka remains, which is a good thing.) Tailor sports Paul Smith-upholstered walls, a marble bar and crudely chopped pieces of leather on the tables, among many other nicely assembled design elements. We're going to give Mason credit -- he pulled this thing off. If you're eating, you'll want a booth; if drinking, a lounge seat to the right of the bar is the move.

One note on entry. They're still not booking the place any where near capacity. Walk-ins and locals stand some chance of being served.

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The Lounge at Tailor, Downstairs

Dining Room Reverse

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