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The Gutter: When is A Bowling Alley Not a Bowling Alley?

Like all the good hipster Brooklynites have done, we've been anticipating The Gutter, "the first bowling alley to open in Brooklyn in 50 years," hotly. (It opens to the public tomorrow.) A new bowling alley made to feel old school by the able proprietors of Barcade? Eater: IN. Though deathtrappy, too, it also sounds right. Save for the pain-inducing trip to Brooklyn, what could be bad about this? But, now, here's a question: How many lanes doth a bowling alley make?

Perusing our Thrillist this morning, and the examining a few photos of the the place on the flickr something startling came to light. This "bowling alley" has a mere eight lanes. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Not nine. Eight lanes. There are a lot of hipsters waiting to bowl, folks: Do you think you are ever going to get a lane without a two hour wait? Spoiler: no. So, we're just saying. Is this a bar with a couple of lanes to bowl, or is this a bowling alley? While you ponder that one, have you ever actually played bocce at Union Hall, that bar built on the marketing concept of it being the bar with the bocce court?
· The Gutter [Thrillist]
· The Gutter (bowling alley!) [dpstyles/Flickr]
· Bowling Comes Back to Brooklyn with The Gutter [Gothamist]

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