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Eater Inside: Jean Georges The Makeover

Noah Kalina, 9/12/07.

2007_09_jeangeorges_then.jpgReally, what is there to say about Jean Georges, Jean Georges Vongerichten's Columbus Circle flagship restaurant? This: its slot on the very short list of Times four-starred restaurants in New York is absolutely indisputable and it may well be the best restaurant in the city, all-in. It's just a tick less formal than Per Se, and for the average eater quite a bit more accessible. Flavors and service match: choreographed and impeccable. But, here, that's not the point.

For the first time in a decade JGV, with the help of designer Thomas Juul Hansen, has completely redone the formal dining room at the restaurant. Pictured at top just unveiled, round surfaces have replaced right angles (the old dining room is inset above; click for full size), the seating plan has been slightly tweaked, and, in general, the room feels refreshed. JGV tells us, as well, Nougatine, the front room, will get the makeover treatment by early next year. And the Frenchman strikes again.

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