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The Shutter: Last Feast for Taormina of Mulberry Street

Via the inbox, word comes today that, Taormina, the longtime installation on Mulberry Street, will close its doors for good following this year's Feast of San Gennaro, which runs Today through the 23rd. Here's the tip: "Guys sad to say that Taormina of Mulberry Street will be closed right after the feast this month. The rent has been raised to $40,000+ a month in which they can not begin to afford. Sad to see a good staple of this nature go. il Cortile is the only decent place left in that area..." Taormina was one of the more refined of the Mulberry Street Italians, actually believed to be John Gotti's fave back in the day. You've got 10 days to stop in.
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