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The DOH Chronicles: Dispatch from Yellow Sticker Night at Ushiwaka Maru

Sushi hunter mainstay Ushiwaka Maru met with the yellow sticker on Monday and, by way of this dispatch, you can relive the horror along with the restaurants owners:

I was there - and it was despicable. DOH guy in filthy jeans and t shirt comes in @ 8pm, place is being slammed, and goes down the line w his instant read - pulling out each piece of (really, trust me on this, spectacularly beautiful) fish - and ordering that it all be tossed. All of it. (I didn't see this, but people in the back said that he ordered bleach be poured in after the fish)

Service basically stopped.

Waitresses came over and explained they were now forbidden to touch any food. Checks were dropped, and all food was comped. 3 highlights. We got only 1 app, but the 2 Japanese businessmen siting next to us gave us 1/2 their oder of toro (the last to make it out before DOH). They spoke very little English, and w/o any discussion -they just handed it to us. I damn near hugged the guy. 2nd highlight. Customer on a date, staring w rage at this DOH guy, finally couldn't take it anymore, stood up, put his suit jacket on, and screamed, bellowed "At least I don't go to work in a goddamn filthy t shirt!" (There was some clapping after).

3rd highlight. Not a highlight really, just something that stuck w us: watching Chef Mr. Hideo Kuribara watching this nightmare unfold w incredible poise - just standing there as this little vengeful prick and his Insta Read went down the line tossing out everything. I will go back to that place every chance I get, and I wish them well.

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