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Deathwatch: Blue Seats

Because Eater doesn't aim to be menacing indiscriminately (blah blah, save it for the comments) we waited an extra few hours to drop the Deathwatch stamp on Blue Seats, the Lower East Side sports bar that, it turns out, has the least patron-friendly pricing scheme of all time. But our offer to keep Blue Seats off the Deathwatch in exchange for an adjustment to their pricing structure was met with silence from BS management -- not a surprise, really -- and so we do what must be done.

Blue Seats cannot expect to exist on the LES as a sports bar and charge $50/person minimum for a seat. It's antithetical to New York sports bar culture, certainly in its home neighborhood, and is offensive in that a) the actual blue seats at the Garden, after which the bar was named, are cheaper and b) the bar is clearly not designed for locals, but for B&T/Murray Hill imports. Our offer to management stands: drop the prices and we'll release your bar from the Eater Hospice. At present, over/under on a major rethinking of business strategy: December 2007.
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