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FW: Please Deathwatch Blue Seats

From: [an eater]
Date: Monday, September 10, 2007
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Please Deathwatch Blue Seats

Went to Blue Seats to watch the Dolphins game at 1 on Sunday. Woo boy, what a brief, challenging experience. The place was so narrow, so while there was a nice turnout although not crazy, it felt jam packed. Front room had a bar and a couple small tables, then there was a hallwayish part with 4-5 leather booths with multiple screens. Two or three were empty, but they all had 'reserved' signs. Then the back room was a wider room, with bar and some a few tall tables with no chairs. Asked the waitress if we could get a table to eat at. Here's the fun part: Kitchen not open for two more weeks, and every table is reservation only. Reservation means minimum of four people, for $50 EACH PER HOUR!!! So if you and three buddies want to go watch one full football game at Blue Seats, that's $150 EACH total. Luckily, your drinks come off that $50/hour, but are you going to drink $150 worth of beer during one game? What the fuck is wrong with the pople who were doing this? Wow, never again. As for clientele, what you would expect from a LES sports bar, and by that I mean it was 100% Murray Hill.

I'm sorry, but I really can't get over how ridiculous that place is. What kind of a sports bar are you when two people who want to go in and sit down, eat a shitload of fried food and drink some beer and watch a game, can't do it because it costs $50 x 4 for the right to sit in a chair at a table? Deathwatch.

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