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Plywood/Help Wanted Mashup: Belcourt Looking for Chef

East Village: Now, we bring you a chunky update on Belcourt, the East Village restaurant, just unveiled via Plywood on Monday, slated for the former Frutti di Mare space on East 4th Street. First, from an A-list tipster, "Walking by Belcourt on 4th St and 2nd Ave, saw activity going on so went over to check it out. Starting chatting with someone there who turned out to be the chef. Didn't get his name or culinary heritage but the food is going to be french. They invited me inside so had a chance to see the renovation. Looks great so far. Those big lamps on the outside of the space are imported from France as well as a wrought iron door that the plywood still covers that they acquired from an old post office.

But, here's the thing. It turns out the venue is still without a chef. It's likely our man above was speaking with owner Mehenni Zebentout, because Belcourt is still, definitely, without a chef. Bret Thorn has the story on his blog and Belcourt's PR confirms the fact that an active search is underway for someone to run the restaurant's Mediterranean kitchen. (Attention Lower East Side restaurant owners, apparently, as Thorn notes, Zebentout is eyeing one of your toques.) Interested parties should be in touch, as we'd be more than happy to broker an introduction. [PLYWOOD]

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