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Head Over Heels Café is Bed Stuy's Ametller

At this time, we now invite guest blogger Clinton Hill Blog back to the dance floor.

2007_08_headheels.jpgNearly a year ago, we came across a flyer for a new Clinton Hill restaurant called Head Over Heels Café. The website haunted us with horrid music and creepy stock photos of white people, so we knew we needed to check in immediately. The address? 525 DeKalb, at Skillman. Oh, wait... that's Bed-Stuy! Another classic neighborhood mislabeling; already they're getting on our nerves. The website stated that they opened at 10am, yet arriving at that hour, we were greeted by a block of shuttered Mexican restaurants. In February: take two. Same deal. Gate down, no sign, not a soul around.

Today: the cafe's web domain expired on August 1 and hasn't yet been renewed, but there is one glowing review to be found on Yelp. Well? Does it exist? In any case, we may have found an "open" restaurant open even less frequently than Ametller.
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