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Pinkberry Rising: St. Mark's Place Non-Yogurt Feud!

An Eater reader emailed yesterday, "my dreams have come true: a pinkberry is going in on st. marks in the old dojo space." The news sent Eater operatives scrambling to St. Mark's, where the telltale 'Berry banner was indeed spotted between Second and Third Avenues (renovations on the space have not yet started). This means Pinkberry—which may or may not actually be yogurt—is facing off just a few doors down from the Plywood vet known only by its banner, which reads: Frozen Yorgurt/Ice Cream (above right). So it's non-yogurt versus "yorgurt" in a feud for the ages. Hot.
· The Shutter: Dojo East [~E~]

BONUS PINKBERRY RISING: Reader report just in to the inbox: "Pinkberry seems to be slowly taking over Manhattan--it looks like there's another one coming in across from the Time Warner Center on 58th."

BONUS PINKBERRY RISING REDUX: Another reader report: "Pinkberry IS taking over Manhattan. We spotted another empty store with a large 'Pinkberry coming soon' poster on Columbus between 74th & 75th, next door to Nancy's Wine." Keep the reports coming, friends. Much love.

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