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Avalon Bowery's Parisian "Left Bank" Cometh

A stymied East Village liquor license application isn't exactly news these days, but the case of Bowery Wine Bar, an establishment looking to open at 11 E 1st Street aka Avalon Bowery Place, did pique our interest. It would appear that this spot, which, per East Village Podcasts, will have garden seating, is the first step towards Avalon Chrystie's intriguing Left Bank plan. A quick refresher: Developers want to turn the long-neglected alleyway called Extra Place, located behind the former CBGB's space, into, "a slice of the Left Bank, a pedestrian mall lined with interesting boutiques and cafes." Bowery Wine Bar is a clear sign that that plan is truly underway. And come on, a bar in (or, perhaps, across from) an alleyway? Always exciting.
· Bowery Wine Company in Avalon Bowery Place [East Village Podcasts]
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