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Chodoblogging: Chodorow Gives Bruni Top Edit, Doesn't Say Critic was Wrong

The chod-o-blog lives again, fired-up anew by its crazy namesake Jeffrey Chodorow as a result of Frank Bruni's one-star review of Wild Salmon, Chodorow's newest restaurant, a midtown homage to the Pacific Northwest. Of interest today, other than the basic fact that the blog sputters on once more, is that Chodorow, who normally uses the blog to pound his critics, especially Bruni, doesn't really say that Bruni's take on his restaurant was wrong. The post is dedicated to a writing lesson:

I think the ultimate purpose of a review is to educate the public about a restaurant, not just to be entertaining. While I understand his predisposition to do so with his writing, I feel that some important facts were sorely missed. In my ideal world, the following would have been the first three paragraphs of the review (or something to this effect):

The Pacific NW is one of the great food regions of this country, yet a food region which appears to be largely undiscovered outside of its boundaries. It is a region of tremendous bounty--there are truly wild salmon; an array of shellfish including varieties of clams, mussels, oysters, shrimp, prawns and crab; the infamous black cod; and numerous varieties of fish, all of which are found only in the Pacific NW...

The rest of the review could remain, more or less, intact.

Are you writing this stuff down, Mr. Bruni? Next time, more shill, less critique.
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