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Plywood Special: Mirror's, The Clinton Hill Bar That Couldn't

This week, neighborhood blogger Clinton Hill Blog is working her hipster magic at Curbed. On this side of the tracks, we may get thrown a bone or two as well, such as the one we have here.

Clinton Hill: It's been nearly a year since a sign reading Mirror's on Grand first went up in a storefront on the once—and sometimes still—blighted Grand Avenue in Clinton Hill. Not a mirror store, but a bar was coming— and we knew this because they'd applied for a liquor license. Then this spring, they were a no-show at the local community board meeting as part of the application for said license. No good. A peek through the window showed little to no work being done, and last we checked, the sign had been taken down. Worse. No more Mirror's, no more reflective surfaces, no more potentially grammatically incorrect name. And now we shall reflect on the loss.
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