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EaterWire: Bar's Rebranding Almost Complete & More!

SMITH STREET—Bar on Smith Street has been, in the words of a Brooklyn dweller and in-house staffer, rebranded in some disturbing way. The vaguely unsettling new exterior is pictured at right, courtesy of A Brooklyn Life. Also, the soon-to-open nightspot now has a blog, as every proper bar should. [A Brooklyn Life]

UPPER EAST SIDE—Some bad news for Upper East Siders, from a reader: "Gardenia, which was around for nearly 20 years, is to close soon. I heard it from my customers. I think they sold the building. Madison and 67 street. It is getting expensive here." One recent comment on the restaurant's Citysearch page, unfortunately titled "Here to stay," states "This place will be around long after it's expensive neighbors depart from the dining scene." Jinx? [EaterWire Inbox]

DAILY DOH—An informant sends us a quick note about West Village eatery Cafe Tornio, which has been temporarily shuttered. "Cafe Torino on 10th st. has a DOH stick on the door now. They're in the middle of renovations, but the dayglo yellow sheet is hard to miss." [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE—Some pre, pre-plywood for you from food blogger Josh Friedlander: "I had an awesome meal last night at Babbo and sommelier Joe Campanale let slip that he's opening a new restaurant soon. I think he said Jane street, but the details elude me. He's got financing and is interviewing chefs now (it's going to be some form of Italian cuisine). Joe was impressive and I posted a quick review/news blurb on the new restaurant." [EaterWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN WEST—It was just yesterday that we wondered what, exactly, was going on at the Royalton Hotel, which is currently undergoing extensive renovations. Details about 44, the restaurant in the hotel, surfaced this morning. John McDonald, of Lever House, Chinatown Brasserie and Lure, will be opening an American brasserie in the space. McDonald doesn't have a name for the eatery yet. [Oxfeld]

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