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Eater Inside Throwback: Candela

This week, as New York grinds mostly to halt to observe the last week of summer, we'll be dipping deep into the Kalina Archive to bring you some of his gems from back in the day. Put your Startac on vibrate and let's get going.

The Kalina Archive, 7/7/02

Candela, one of the Irving Place corridor's most beloved date spots closed in March to make way for Irving Mill, which is slated to open sometime this fall. Candela didn't close for a lack of business -- the Citysearch-endorsed 'good for dates' business is always robust in New York -- but perhaps a somewhat tired decor and the owners' desire to up their culinary cred factored in. At Irving Mill, dishes like Beef Cheek Ravioli with Bone Marrow and Asparagus Consommé are promised (per PR materials), so take a good long look at Candela: when you return to the space, she's going to be sporting quite a different look.

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