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Shutter Special Investigation: Curious Case of Beard Papa's

Is it too much to ask, in these dog days of August, that one might delight ourselves with a flaky cream puff? Apparently so. Following whispered intel of closures at the Carmine Street and Astor Place outposts of Beard Papa's, Eater operatives hit the ground to find out just what the hell was going on.

Answer: fans of Beard Papa's can rest easy... for now. Both downtown Beard Papa locations are closed temporarily for renovations, a fact spelled out with signage at the Astor Place location (above right) Calls to the Carmine Street outpost, meanwhile, yielded a 'temporarily disconnected' message while the Astor Place location served up a generic Verizon voicemail message. On the bright side, the Upper West Side Beard Papa (at Broadway and 76th) is still up and running. An employee who answered the phone there confirmed that the downtown locations are just closed "temporarily for renovations." Open and shut case? Seems so, but only time will tell.
· Beard Papa Locations [Official Site]

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