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Fear the Bald Man: 'Pouring Chocolate Every Where'

Yesterday, we took umbrage at a press release from chocolate-maker Max Brenner that pretended that the "Bald Man" actually exists. (In fact, he's a fictional amalgamation of the owners.) The comment thread on that post made us laugh, but this email to the Eater tipline really tops us all:

FYI Max Brenner is a real ( and bald ) person. the world wide chain of chocolate restaurants is named after him, as his un profitable and amazing choclate stores in Israel were bought out by "Elite" the biggest chocolate factory in Israel and spinned off around the world, starting in Australia where they are very popular. I rmember Max on TV on a cookin g show pouring chocolate every where on the hostm himslef and just loving chocloate. peace.
A bounty is hereby issued for this video clip. Please, god, someone upload.
· Adventures in Public Relations: Fear the Bald Man [~E~]

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