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Curious Case of The Brooklyn Inn: Bring Forth the Capital Improvements!

The Brooklyn Inn; today, circa 10:00 AM. Note the workers, svp.

The Brooklyn Inn. Boerum Hill landmark, neighborhood watering hole—its fate subject of an immense amount of speculation over the last six months, following a change of ownership. Word in May was that new owners were en route to the scene, but that they did not plan on doing anything but infrastructure upgrades. A new bathroom sink here, a cleaned tap there. And now, comes a ground-based report that said changes are underway:

"i saw 5 or 6 workman doing shit inside & outside. the most visible change was replacing two AC units. but there was other bric a brac that appeared to be going on inside. if i had to make a crazy wild ass speculative guess, they might have been making the inside ready for food service?!?! Fact: it does not take 5 or 6 guys to replace two air conditioners. i mean we all know they just got new owners. already the unfriendly, possibly lesbian, 50% hot bartenders are gone, replaced by a large old biker bartender last time I was there."
Color this as you wish. We'll file it under important update for now and keep watching. What we do know at this moment is that calls to the bar went answered this afternoon, so she may be closed for improvements through Labor Day, if city-wide maintenance patterns are any indication. Your reports from the scene welcomed, per usual, in the comments or via the tipline.
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