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The Shutter Chronicles: Is Devi Doneski?

[Kalina, 11/27/05]

Has chef Suvir Saran shuttered his critically beloved Indian restaurant Devi? We fear the answer is yes. The following hit the Eater inbox just moments ago: " Just passed in front of Devi on E18th Street. Every window had a brown paper sign on it with 'Devi Closed For Business' written in black marker."

The news is unconfirmed at this point—we could, one supposes, be looking at an end-of-summer vacation—but there are several more ominous signs. First, online reservation service OpenTable says Devi is "offline temporarily"; second, calls to the restaurant ring endlessly without answer, or answering machine pickup. Further, one might also suppose a restaurant closed for vacation would mention a re-opening date on its window signage, yes? No word yet on the official site, but we've got word out for comment from Suvir and Co. In any case, so much for the dog days of August. Already shaping up as quite the news week, eh?
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