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Plywood Report: Back Forty, Cafe Haba, Patsy's Tribeca

1) East Village: Above, the plywooded front of what used to be Radio Perfecto on upper Avenue B. Following up on last week's reader query about the space, we've been hearing various bits of intel of what's to come in the space, but we're inclined to trust this report from a special Eater correspondent that arrived this week: "The construction action at Radio Perfecto matches the opening (Labor Day) in this space of Back Forty, previously reported tavern from Larry Hoffman of Savoy restaurant." An Eater commenter confirms same. Ra! [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper East Side: "I walked by JG Mellons on East 74th and 3rd last night. I noticed that a new coffee shop called Cafe Haba is opening next door. They are advertising for servers and they indicate that they are a 'unique' coffee shop. May be worth checking out." [PLYWOOD]

3) Tribeca: Emails a tipster, "Just walked by the plywooded new pizza place on 349 Greenwich in Tribeca. New signs indicate it will be called Dean's Pizza. Back on April 5, Eater reported it was going to be a Patsy's." We stand corrected. And hungry. [PLYWOOD]

Back Forty

190 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009 (212) 388-1992

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