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44 Rechristened Brasserie Forty-Four, To Debut 10/3

The restaurant at the Royalton, née 44 and now mid-facelift, will be renamed Brasserie Forty-Four, B44 for short, when it reopens on October 3 or there abouts. The whole building is getting an overhaul at the capable hands of designer Roman and Williams, of course, and helming the restaurant project is none other than our favorite Lure Fishbar owner and yours, John McDonald. What John can tell us for now: "I am going to name the restaurant Brasserie Forty-Four. The round bar that used to be in the front is no longer and an open/exposed bar is now installed in the front right of the lobby." Though no chef has been selected just yet, it would be quite a surprise if he didn't try to replicate the haute cafeteria vibe he's mastered at Lure. Such a place will make the Conde Nast/Amex Publishing sets very happy.

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