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Eater Contest: Win a Date With Sam Talbot*

Sam likes long walks on the beach or just hanging around the house with his girl, a nice bottle of merlot and some Bruce Hornsby. Oh, and yes: he does keep a spare pack of Hanes in the trunk.

The magic of Sam Talbot is that despite these photos, taken for Glad's Steamiest Chef Contest, perhaps the most aggressively douchey shots of a chef ever taken, you ladies still want to do him. So, we give up: if you want to meet this guy, go on a date with him, we'll be happy to introduce you. Send us a note about why you want to meet him and a photo of yourself and we'll pass them along to Sam, chef, bad boy, heartthrob, master pepper mill handler.


· NY: Glad Holds Photo Shoot For Steamiest Chef [Getty Images]

*Sam Talbot isn't on board for this. But something tells us a hot photo and the right cover letter will get the job done.

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