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Shutterwood: Remy Lounge, Taste of Tokyo, Mickey's Sushi

The Shutter, it must be acknowledged, is not afraid to be merciful when the situation calls for it. And so, today, another installment of Shutterwood, in which closing venues are granted a new lease on life in a new space.

2007_08_remylounge.jpg1) FiDi > Bay Ridge: A tipster emails, "The bar Remy Lounge is closing as of Labor Day weekend and relocating to Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, according to signs posted on the outside of the bar. The closing of Remy Lounge will be a plus to the neighborhood." A call to the venue this afternoon confirmed the news—September 1 will be the last party in the FiDi. [Shutterwood Inbox]

2) Central Village > Central Village: From an email sent by the restaurant to regular patrons, we get this news: "Sadly , Taste of Tokyo [on West 13th Street] has finally closed. I would like to thank you for your patronage and support over many years. But today, I am happy to inform you that I will be opening new place at 15west 8thstreet. It should be ready this fall and I will let you know as soon as I have a definite date. You will find the good food and good service you were used to in an even more comfortable setting. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Hoping to see you soon. Sincerely Jun." [Shutterwood Inbox]

3) Forrest Hills > Bayside: Word from Queens is as follows: "Mickey's Sushi in Forest Hills to close. Lost their lease, had awful landlord who harassed them. Jennifer and Mickey are moving their restaurant to Bayside—August will be their last month of operating on Queens Boulevard. They've been there for about 20 years." [Shutterwood Inbox]

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