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EaterWire: The DOH Derails Lunch Plans & More!

DAILY DOH—Clinton/Hell's Kitchen workers had one less lunch option today as go-to gourmet food stop The Amish Market on Ninth Avenue and 49th Street has been shuttered by the DOH. A tipster writes: "I went there today to get a salad and the DOH closed them down. The sign said 'Closed for lack of permit.' The Amish Market put up a sign that said 'Closed due to water main break' but I didn't see anyone tearing up the street." A second note sent to the Eater Inbox reads: "Just dropped by the Amish Market on Park Place for lunch and lo and behold it has been DOHed. They claim they will be closed for 2 days for a 'Water Main Break.' I didn't hear anything about that and funny how every other building in the area has water?" [EaterWire Inbox]

FIDI—An interesting rumor, from a tipster: "I heard from one of the retail tenants at 88 Greenwich that a steakhouse is going into the space formerly occupied by Romi (located in the 88 Greenwich building, which is being converted to condos). No idea how true this is but I was wondering if you heard anything about it?" No, but perhaps someone else knows what's going on? For those unfamiliar with 88 Greenwich, a primer. [EaterWire Inbox]

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