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Dish East Village Miracle Edition: American Grill Opens!

American Grill opens; note the absurd number of press clippings a restaurant that isn't open can accumulate.

Miracles do happen, especially in the East Village, where American Grill finally threw open its doors today. The restaurant was supposed to have opened (in the former Kiev space) in June, but was plagued with delays, initially based on a water main break, but then of a rather nebulous sort. (Fact: It does not take two months to get your plumbing back online.) There was certainly a moment during which it looked like the place would run out of cash before they could open. An initial report, from this morning, "American Grill is open this morning. The one outstanding issue is that the entire staff seems to be gathered around a plasma watching soap operas." 117 2 Avenue, East Village; (212) 777-1286 [Eater Staff]

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