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Plywood Report: Market Table Readying for Early Fall Debut

2006_12_shopsins_ext.jpgWest Village: By way of update on one we've been all up in from the get-go, we bring you the latest on Mike Price, Joey Campanaro and Gabriel Stulman's Market Table (in the former Shopsin's, pictured right), a market/restaurant hybrid concept slated for 'late summer-early fall.' The graphics treatment and awning are in place, as are the outlines of how the interior will lay out. On the left (east) we've got the market and on the right (west) a small restaurant with 5-10 seat bar, raw bar, perhaps, in one corner. Word is the market will come first, then the restaurant. From the looks of the space today, we're probably a minimum of two weeks out. But if you're a member of the press covering this one, you'll want to line up your access now, or Baltz is going to find someone else to blow it out of the water. Count on reading about this one in Flo Fab's Fall Preview.

Above, your Plywood establishing shot; below, a zoom-in on the Market side.


· BREAKING: Mermaid Inn, Harrison Alum Takes Shopsin's Space [~E~]
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