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Sam Mason Opening Tailor August 30th, 2007?

Either this is a genius decoy or Johnny Iuzzini, owner of a brand new website, has misused his new web presence to announce the grand opening date for Sam Mason's long-anticipated, newly-forgotten dessert restaurant Tailor. Seems he's posted August 30th, 2007 as the grand opening (probably a couple of days later to the general public) on his events calendar, which does jive with our current intel. Before you get too excited, the one additional bit you'll want to know about this is that Bullfrog & Baum is aware of the posting and did not have it taken down before anyone noticed. That is to say, it may be a stunt. Nevertheless, we've marked our calendar as well. Sam Mason, we'd like a table in front, if it's not too much trouble.
· Johnny Iuzzini []
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Bonus Confirmation: Mason is staffing the front of house. Key qualification: you have to believe the restaurant may actually open.

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