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DOH Uncharacteristically Soft on Red Hook Ball Fields, Yellow Sticker Unlikely

Peter Meehan gets in a little deeper at the Red Hook Ball Fields, where the Department of Health had been by for an inspection, which is never a good thing. The inspection and subsequent issuance of health-related upgrades that would be required to keep the ball fields opened set off the requisite alarms among the Ball Field/Historic Preservation set, but in the end, it does seem the DOH is doing it's part to keep the Red Hook landmark open for business:

Inspectors visited the vendors at the ball fields this past weekend. A representative said, “Many of the requirements were met, but there still were problems with some aspects of the operation.” Rather than saying the inspectors were there to enforce or discipline, the department said, “Health inspectors were there to observe and educate vendors on how to comply with the Health Code when they spotted problems. The vendors were responsive to our interventions.”

No one knows for sure what will happen. What’s certain is that inspectors will return to the ball fields tomorrow.

I asked the Department of Health spokesperson what would happen if the vendors had not met all of its requirements.

“We are hopeful that the vendors will comply with what is required,” was the response. “If they cannot, we will work with the Department of Parks and Recreation on dealing with the situation. However, we will assure that the risks to food borne illness are minimized.”

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Ball Field Bonus: The Post is happy to provide you with a handy-dandy guide to the ball fields.

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