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Deathwatching: The People Rally to Kill Paris Commune

In some cases, the Deathwatching of a restaurant leads immediately to an outpouring of love, confusion, and ire, devoted regulars of the venue stunned that we could be so cruel. In other instances, such as the recent sentencing of Paris Commune, quite the opposite occurs. We hate to beat a dead horse (that's not entirely true), but here now, a picture of why the restaurant is doomed, authored by committee of Eater commenters. Not pretty at all, really.

Comment #16: It was one of the hardest kitchens I've ever seen to work in. It was understaffed (a 3 man line, chef included, putting out some 150-200 meals on a busy nite), there was never a thought given to spacing out reservations and seatings, no restrictions on large parties (one night in particular there were 4 parties of 10+ seated within 30 minutes of each other)an undersized kitchen and on and on. They would hammer it every nite (all the worse after the wine room opened downstairs and they would book it for parties); the worst nite I remember was was when they seated the entire dining in room in one shot (75-80 people) and a party of 30 downstairs. In the span of 10 minutes orders came in for a total of 90 covers, apps and entrees. It was a disaster; there was no way that the last table that ordered was waiting any less than 30-40 minutes for their apps. No telling when they would get their entrees as wasn't even the room to begin cooking that much food. Ugh, enough of that; I could fill pages. In regard to post 14, there was also a copywriter paid a ridiculous amount of money to add "color" to the menus.

Comment #3: It most certainly WAS their intention and desire to relocate to a larger space for increased revenue as a 30 seat restaurant wasn't cutting it. It's worth mentioning that shortly before they relocated the owners sold the name of the business to new investors whose business model was a Pastis brand rip-off. The place is nothing but a money pit and employee checks are now bouncing which is indeed the precursor to demise. This vanity project was doomed for failure and the original Paris Commune holds many fond memories of the days before the Mall at Bleecker began. Just goes to show you that it's easier to buy a name than a soul.

Comment #7: Anyone who ever dined at the new place is shocked at how it has absolutely NO relationship with the former. The standard wait between courses was 45 minutes the last time I ate there and the prices do not meet the standards of the pseudo "French" cuisine. I won't even bother to comment on the unfortunate presence of the proprietors and their shady basement "wine" bar but suffice it to say, there are many of us in the hood who will not spill any tears over the doors slamming on this place.

Comment #18: I ate there recently to celebrate a friend's birthday. We asked for a desert with a candle and we were brought a dinner roll. No joking. Then while serving coffee, a pot of decaf came to the table for 2 members of our party. I asked for regular and heard the waiter tell the server, "just give him decaf, he'll never know the difference." We were all appalled at each behavior. We asked to see the manager who was didn't understand what the big deal was. Well, the big deal was we never went back and gave the place bad press every time we heard it mentioned. Au revior !!!
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